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Sunsign compatibilty

Who is the right Matrimonial Match for me?

Your Sun Sign Compatible Sun Signs
Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius.
Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces.
Libra, Aquarius, Leo, Aries.
Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus.
Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra.
Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer.
Aquarius, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius.
Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.
Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius.
Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces.
Gemini, Libra, Aries, Sagittarius.
Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn.
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Gemini Gemini-Leo Leo

These signs agree both on the mental and the intellectual levels. Leo loves to be the centre of attention and feels neglected when Gemini is absorbed elsewhere. Geminiís free spirit may sometimes be overpowered by Leoís desire to take control. If both agree to let each other go his or her own way, this can be a sparkling combination. When a Leo and a Gemini team up they can show more sparkle than the diamond. With their love of laughter and life they've got a lot in common and can even teach each other a thing or two. Those glittering Geminis will make their lovely Lions relax and they in turn can transmit to the twinkling twins a little of their own gorgeous generosity and wonderful warmth. The Geminiís way with words and the Leoís flair for forgiveness, should be able to patch up any punctures in their partnership. There's a thoroughly theatrical atmosphere to this alliance and this couple's idea of a terrific time is to spend time at the cinema, and book a box for the ballet, followed by a fantastic feed-up at a ritzy restaurant. They'll love the sensation of melting into each other's arms and the Gemini will respond even more warmly than with some other signs. The child like charm of the Gemini will captivate that large Leo heart.

Gemini Gemini-Libra Libra

This Matrimonial combination creates a mutual appreciation of all that is refined, artistic, beautiful, sociable, interesting and informative. Gemini likes to communicate, so is happy to share with Libra who, in turn, is not satiated or complete when alone. Gemini and Libra have so much in common that sometimes there's no need for words. They both need to feel an intellectual rapport with their partner, because neither can fall for fools. The luscious Libran way of wooing will truly transform the twin, who'll be drowned under a delicious deluge of love letters, passionate poems and sometimes snatches of songs. In return, that quick wit of the Gemini will keep Libra laughing always.

Gemini Gemini- Aquarius Aquarius

Gemini can accept a detached or unpredictable mood from Aquarius and is mentally stimulated both by Aquarian's originality and innovation. The unconventional and changeable quality of this friendship keeps it interesting. If the Aquarian is ruled by unusual Uranus and unsteady Saturn, the Gemini will love the notion of not knowing what's going to happen next. Communication is definitely the order of the day for this dynamic duo and they can talk about everything that's understood in the universe. A romantic Matrimonial relationship between these two won't be wine and roses. If the Aquarian has Venus in the Fishy sign of Pisces or the Gemini has Venus in caressing Cancer, their relationship will have a more romantic ring to it, but otherwise they'll both be bright and breezy. If they aren't careful, romance can change from cool and carefree caresses to something more cold and calculating.

Gemini Gemini-Aries Aries

Fiery Aries with airy Gemini is agreeable and both generate a lively atmosphere. Life is not boring for this Matrimonial couple. Gemini's wits can match the Aries fighting spirit. Both enjoy variety, action, discovery and new things, so they share their interests. These two get on like a house on fire, whether they're entwined in amour or engrossed in articulate arguments. Geminis like the innate enthusiasm and vivacious verve of Aries, who in turn know that they need never be bored if there's a Gemini around. Outsiders may think that this set-up is superficial, but the Martian Aries and the Mercurian Gemini know better. They're very good for each other, taking each other down a peg or two when they think it's needed, but in a nice, not a nasty, way. Sometimes, though, that quicksilver Gemini tongue may lash out too liberally and say something so sarcastic it'll enrage the woolly Arian, making him or her dole out a dose of that temporary temper, that's here one minute and gone the next. Both like to flirt and if they've formed an amorous alliance, it could land them in a big bathtub of hot water. That's fine if they're both flighty and flirty, because they'll be able to cope. But if one of them has Venus in Taurus or the twin has the sign of love in clingy Cancer, it could be difficult for the relationship to last.

Gemini Gemini-Cancer Cancer

Gemini is mentally oriented whereas Cancer has emotions, so there is a marked contrast in nature. Variety, the spice of life to Gemini, can make Cancer feel unsettled. Cancer's sentimentality and emotionalism will not evoke a deep response in Gemini who, in turn never has time to fathom Cancer's moodiness. Gemini is always busy so that Cancer feels neglected. When a crab and a twin get together, it's like oil and water. Shake them up and they'll mix for a wee while, but they'll soon separate. Geminis are rational and reasoning folk, but Cancerians are stupendously sensitive and incredibly intuitive. They couldn't be rational if they tried because they wouldn't know where to begin.

Gemini Gemini-Virgo Virgo

This Matrimonial combination of a Gemini and a Virgo is a stimulating catalyst. Neither is over-emotional, both are practical in social, mental or business interest, realistic and sympathetic. Virgo will not go along with Gemini's multitude of plans or scatterbrained ideas. Virgo concentrates more on one point. When this talkative twosome first meet, they may get very deep in talk. Although Virgos are less earthy emotionally than Taurus and Capricorn, they can still show the twins a thing or two and if they're the kinky characters that some Virgos can be, then the twin will be in for very intriguing interlude indeed. Being motivated by Mercury may mean that both these likely lovers will find it hard to express their emotions, because their ruler makes them both rational and analytical.

Gemini Gemini-Scorpio Scorpio

Being opposite signs and also a stimulating Matrimonial combination, the Gemini and the Scorpio repel and attract. Gemini is self-contained, whereas Scorpio loves freedom and independence. Both are naturally busy and active people, so a mutual exchange comes easily to them. These two are as contrary as chalk and cheese. It's not that they're opposites; they have absolutely nothing in common. Geminis are the beautiful butterflies of the zodiac, wanting to flit off in different directions every five minutes, whereas Scorpios aren't really that restless. Geminis just don't have the depth that the Scorpio is in search of. And Scorpios don't have the intellectual scope that the twins thrill for. When a Gemini man falls for a Scorpio female, he may be able to assert himself when she comes on too strong. Even so, he'll have to come up with more than just his usual puckish patter if he's to keep this woman loving him. Reverse the roles and you'll have to hold on to your hat.

Gemini Gemini-Capricorn Capricorn

Gemini can complement the wisdom and experience of Capricorn provided both are willing to communicate. Sometimes both have to agree or disagree. Capricorn is steady and controlled and Gemini is fond of change. Capricorn does not always understand the highly strong, quicksilver ways of Gemini. Although very different, each can enrich the other with gifts etc. Oddly enough, this is a Matrimonial relationship that can work for the wrong reason. Capricorns can be real workaholics. As far as the Gemini is concerned, it gives them a licence to leap about town having a terrific time and no questions asked. Neither of them will know what the other one is doing, so they could both be ferociously unfaithful. The goats are gorgeous, in a way. The restraining rings of their ruler, Saturn, make them cautious, careful and considering. Some of them can also be incredible conservative, with more than just a hint of being old-fashioned. Geminis, on the other hand, are usually one step ahead of everyone else, always seeking out something new, changing their minds at the toss of a coin and scampering from stone to stone along life's highway.

Gemini Gemini-Pisces Pisces

This Matrimonial combination has a great difference in outlook and nature. Pisces is imaginative, dreamy and sensitive and lives by feelings, emotions, impression and intuition. Gemini is logical, factual and mentally oriented. However, both signs are reasonably adaptable and tolerant of other people's ideas, so although they will very seldom understand each other's driving force, they usually will accept it. Gemini is practical, quick and efficient whereas Pisces often dithers or is irritatingly indecisive. There's a lot of pain for this pair if they don't try to swim in the same style. They'll need more than a coastguard to rescue them if the fish is floating along, lapped by the waves. Although these two feel a fatal fascination for each other, they find it difficult to communicate. They can't even watch television together. The fish will be hidden behind a whole handful of hankies while watching a weepy soap, but the twin will be listening to music on headphones while reading a book.

Gemini Gemini-Taurus Taurus

Gemini's love of constant change and variety can be upsetting for Taurus who likes to stay put. It will be an impossible mission if Taurus should try to possess Gemini. But there could be thrills and spills if their Venus's don't meet in a heavenly hug. These two Matrimonial combinations have such contrary concepts of what life should be like that they can clash time and time again. Taurus is fixed , so needs a steady substance to their existences. And because they belong to the earthy element, they're serious, sensuous subjects, with a passion for possession. Geminis being airy individuals, need to feel free, unhampered by the restrictions other folk try to force on them. Geminis are ruled by mischievous Mercury,making them impish. Even if it's in their own minds, they never grow old. Bulls love laughing and they're always amongst the first in the queue for a knees-up.

Gemini Gemini-Gemini Gemini

This double dose of such highly strong, restless airy signs ensures, that life will never be dreamy or dull. The Matrimonial relationship can be lively, excitable, scatterbrained, gossipy, intellectually stimulating, full of change, variety, interest or nervous tension. When this dynamic duo get together, there'll be four of them. And there's only one way to describe that -double trouble! If you want to be let into a secret, it's that those twinkling twins are forever fascinated by themselves, so they can't resist the thought of teaming up with someone else born under the same, supposedly schizophrenic sign. Once they've made sure they've got lots in common, they can begin exploring intellectual avenues together-reading a whole library-load of books, trekking off to the theatre, seeing five films in a week and concocting competitions to see who can meet the most new people at a party. All their mutual mates are likely to shake in their shoes when this pair form a partnership, even if it's only as friends. Geminis are the gossips of the zodiac and these two can have a field day.

Gemini Gemini-Sagittarius Sagittarius

Airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius will maintain an interest on a mental or intellectual level. Sagittarius has a sense of independence, great love for freedom and restrictions on that are not tolerable. Both signs are opposite. Gemini and Sagittarius are not demonstrative, have an immense touch of love, quick wit, are generous and cheerful. Gemini lacks in concentration and quick decision which Sagittarius has. Both are fashionable, fond of society and have no chance of separation. These two Matrimonial Combinations are at opposite ends of the celestial sky, so have everything to offer each other and are a very complementary combination. It's said that the sign opposite you contains everything you want and lack and that's certainly true of this pair. Geminis belong to the sign of the lower mind, perfect for dealing with communications on a day-to-day basis. With Sagittarians, though, their brains have been broadened into a deeper and more profound path, towards philosophy and similar subjects. These Archers can think far beyond the realms of the Gemini and that's the clue to the success of this couple. Sagittarians can make Geminis sit up and take notice. The twins are so used to ruling the roost intellectually, and yet they would be delighted to discover a Sagittarian who knows more than they do. Once these two have met, they'll set off on a voyage of mental discovery together. This will be a marriage of minds.

Libra Libra-Leo Leo

Since both signs enjoy life, they will share a lot of happy times. Libra, who likes to keep things balanced, may think Leo is lavish, extravagant or flamboyant. Leo likes to be the boss. Libra gets things done through tact and manipulation. Love makes the world go round even faster and more furiously than ever when cupid sets his sights on Libra and Leo and brings them together. When the two signs of love meet for a romantic rendezvous it'll be love all the way. This Matrimonial couple will tug at each other's heartstrings and play a merry melody. They'll discover that they have a lot in common. They're both barmy about beautiful things. Music will gush out at all hours of the day and night and their walk-in wardrobes will be bursting with all kinds of clothes. The airy element of the liberated Libran will fan the flames of the fire of loving Leo, causing a beautiful blaze that will caress their huge hearts.

Libra Libra-Sagittarius Sagittarius

This Matrimonial union increases the qualities of love, success, happiness and ability to enjoy life. Although Libra needs to share things with someone special he is tactful enough to allow Sagittarius that much love, freedom and independence. Sagittarius is generous to allow Libra to indulge in little pleasures and luxuries. They gad about the globe together. Both of these travel lovers are filled with a sense of adventure and enjoyment. Their social life will sizzle as they're inundated with invitations to parties and get-togethers galore. If they're both fairly free and easy in their feelings, they can have fantastic fun together, because fundamentally they'll be friends. Even if they're married they can lead a liberated life. But there'll be trials and tribulations if one of them has got Venus, the planet of love, in sultry and suspicious Scorpio, because then they'll want a more loyal and lasting liaison than the other one will be able to give. If one of them wants a more anchored affair than the other one can cope with, they should call the whole thing off.

Libra Libra- Aquarius Aquarius

They can share the pleasures together because Libra is the epitome of a personal lover whereas Aquarius is the universal lover, who needs to share the interest and affection with others. When Aquarius becomes aloof or unpredictable, Libra uses tact and diplomacy rather than anger to handle the situation. Neither of them will make impossible demands on the other. If Aquarius is allowed freedom by Libra, it can be an excellent union. This Matrimonial couple click the first time their eyes meet across a crowded room, because it's mental magic when these two get together. The ingenuity and inventiveness of the unorthodox Aquarian will knock the lively Libran for six, because these folk are always on the lookout for buddies who are brainy and brilliant. Their conversations will be captivating, their laughter loud and their enthusiasm infectious. But when it comes to love, the Aquarian may find they've bitten off more than they can chew. Uranus,the water carrier's ruler, is a perplexing planet that pops up and parades about when you least expect it, leaving lashings of chaos and confusion in its wacky wake.

Libra Libra-Scorpio Scorpio

This Matrimonial relation can create physical, emotional and sexual attraction. However, Libra will find Scorpio more overwhelming at times. The secret to a healthy relationship for this couple is to find a common point to share which gives pleasure and satisfaction to both. Libra is the sign of relationships, whether it's amorous affairs, best buddies, extreme enemies or close kith and kin while Scorpio is the sign of deep desires. Libra always aims to be balanced, which means they pretend not to get excited about anything. But Scorpios are some of those fortunate folk who can entice a few shakes, rattles and rolls out their Libra lover. With their never-ending need to be one half of a harmonious happy family, Librans think they like to be possessed, in a mental as well as a physical fashion. Sometimes the infinite intensity of the Scorpio can be a wee bit too much for the mentally-motivated Libran, who likes to keep life light and airy. As long as they can keep their cuddles caring and caressing without becoming complicated and claustrophobic, both lovers should be laughing.

Libra Libra-Capricorn Capricorn

This Matrimonial combination of Libra with Capricorn cannot easily combine as there should be some common purpose or destiny to form long-term association. Capricorns are not demonstrative and do not openly indicate warmth of love and affection which Libra needs. Libra enjoys ease, luxury and self-indulgence. Capricorn takes life seriously, shoulders responsibility and can cope with austerity much better than Libra. Capricorn should remember that sharing love, affection and beautiful things is as vital to Libra as food and water. These two will support each other through thick and thin and the longer their liaison lasts, the better it will become. And because they're both cardinal creatures, they'll understand each other's ambitions. The Libran expects the Capricorn to leap on to a bended knee every now and then. The Capricorn's love may be there under the surface, but it might not be tender enough for the Libran lover.

Libra Libra-Pisces Pisces

Both Libra and Pisces appreciate beauty, entertainment, arts, harmony, love, affection, gentleness and the magic of romance. Libra will help Pisces in moments of confusion, indecision and to be impartial. Both signs prefer to shut their eyes to anything awful and when reality becomes too ugly or unpleasant, they block it out. One thing's for sure-if they live together, their abode will abound with objects. Because they belong to the water element, friendly fish can be clingy. Librans will love that, but in the aftermath of amour, they like to be left alone. But if this Matrimonial couple can come to a compromise, they'll be a terrifically tender twosome.

Libra Libra-Taurus Taurus

The Matrimonial bond between the Taurus and the Libra will depend on feelings and affections or mutual appreciation of beauty and finer things of life. Harmony is their common point and they avoid provocation. Diplomatic Libra can tactfully manipulate stubborn Taurus. They both need pleasures and luxuries. Because they're both ruled by Venus- the planet of love, it makes them exude energy in different directions. Taurus belongs to the earth element, so Venus will make them more tactile and supremely sensuous. But because Librans are air signs they are like peaches and cream, honey and roses. The Bulls and their balanced buddies have a lot in common. They both want an existence that's perfectly peaceful and buzzing with beauty. If they rule out the realms of romance and become business partners or something similar, the influence of Venus may not be strong enough to keep them ticking over together and they could drift off in different directions.

Libra Libra-Cancer Cancer

Libra will appreciate Cancer's natural desire to love, and protect but sometimes will impose on Cancerís desire to give. Due to excess of emotions of Cancer, Libra's balance between emotions and reasons may be disturbed. The secret of heavenly happiness comes from complete captivating communication. A Cancer girl might not get along well with a Libran man. She would be always nagging and crying and full of emotions. Thus the Libran man who needs some peace and happiness may go elsewhere in search of true love. Oddly enough, things take a turn for the better when the sexes are swapped.

Libra Libra-Virgo Virgo

They both are fastidious and seek some degree of perfection. Emotion and mind complement each other. Libra aims to achieve balance and beauty, so it is not likely to provoke the critical side of Virgo. For loving Librans, it's a case of their hearts ruling their heads. The Virgos, though, are the other way round and their heads tell their hearts what to do. So when these two ask each other for an emotional attachment it'll be a clash between love and logic. Librans need a love that isn't too steamy. The romantic restraint of the Virgo can send their Libran lovers into a frustrated flurry.

Libra Libra-Libra Libra

These are agreeable signs of beauty, peace, harmony and balance. Discord or conflict really upsets Libra, so each will avoid or leave unfinished anything likely to cause this. Both are easy-going and lack fighting spirit. So they do not make a progressive team. But are well matched in emotions, elegance and have attractive and pleasing tastes. These folk find it hard to make up their minds at the best of times, even if it's over what sort of sock to sport. When it comes to the realms of romance, these airy amours are really in a pretty pickle. Librans have sleepless nights over the prospect of being spurned. They're often frightened to make the first move in a prospective partnership and won't stick their necks out in case they get their heads chopped off. When two Librans like each other, one of them must be assertive enough to take the initiative, otherwise they'll daydream for ever.

LibraLibra-Aries Aries

Fiery Aries and Airy Libra have natural affinity though they are opposite signs. They can repel as well as attract. If a conflict arises, Aries triumphs while Libra becomes upset and leaves. Initially, there is often a strong physical or emotional attraction between these two. When Aries teams up with Libra they are terrific together, with the laid-back Librans completely contrary to those rough Rams. This twosome is so terrific for each other, they're a bliss to behold. Assertive Arians will teach their Libran lovers to stand up for themselves more and not act like doormats, so all and sundry can stomp all over them. They'll tell them that though togetherness can be terrific, everyone's unique in some way or other.

Aries Aries-Aquarius Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are very compatible. Both can generate tremendous power, so much will depend on whether it is used constructively. Aquarius will not dampen the initiative and independence of Aries, while Aries appreciates such friends. Aries loves anything new, is interested in the Aquarian's offbeat ways. But if Aquarius becomes unpredictable at an appropriate time, Aries will be irritated and impatient. There is something of the school pal air to this twosome, even if they only meet for the first time. They are nicely naughty and more than just mischievous when they team up and they'll keep each other forever young at heart. The fun and fire of Aries will really appeal to a mentally motivated Aquarian, who loves the verve and vitality that the Arian can offer. And because they're ruled by the unconventional Uranus, the Arian can always depend on their Aquarian pal to do something divine and different and act on impulse. Neither of them will be tormented by the green eye of jealousy about what the other one could be up to.

Aquarius Aquarius-Sagittarius Sagittarius

There is a strong affinity between a Sagittarian and an Aquarian. Each makes a strong impact on the other alone when necessary. Both have an independent streak and need freedom. They will attract many people and share the resulting pleasure and reciprocal benefits. When these two get together they'll teach each other through their terrific thirst for knowledge. There's almost nothing that won't crop up in the conversations of this couple. Love will grow as these two discuss and debate from dawn to dusk. Their intellectual rapport will be ravishing. That'll give them a head start when they need to sort out any romantic wrinkles, because they'll understand each other. Sagittarius is a sign that the Aquarian can really get to grips with. Together they can embark on a congenial journey of emotional exploration.

Aquarius Aquarius-Pisces Pisces

This is an unusual Matrimonial combination. Both are different for most people and feel sometimes a misfit except with other Aquarians and Pisceans. There will be at least two sides to the combination, firstly, the superficial layers of association appear to be quite ordinary and normal; secondly the unseen, hidden interplay of psychological force makes an obscure and highly complex relationship. The fish could have a fun future if the Aquarian belongs to the Saturn side of the sign. Any Pisces who's looking for love could have a fairy-tale romance with an Aquarian but it might not last long.

Aquarius Aquarius-Taurus Taurus

These are two extremely determined signs. Taurus will not understand his unpredictability and when Aquarius wants to be free and aloof he/she finds Taurus possessive. One has to give way. Aquarius has a natural desire to share affection with many people but Taurus is much more reserved with his feelings. Taurus is truly terrific, but on a bad day, a bull can be as stubborn as a mule and an Aquarian, who's usually full of fun, can throw a funny do and be as intransigent as a sack of cement. When the two take a stand over something, the world could crash around them but they wouldn't budge. They'll both be lusciously loyal and if they have a firm foundation to their affair, they'll stick like glue to each other through thick and thin.

AquariusAquarius-Cancer Cancer

Cancer's sensitive feelings and clinging emotions can disturb the Aquarian who needs time for independent and detached action. In a way, Aquarius is universal rather than a personal lover who likes to share interests and affections with friends and humanity. Surprisingly enough, this Matrimonial couple can be charming chums. Actually, Aquarians are nearly always better as buddies than as partners in passion and that captivating Cancerian quality of caring makes them fantastic friends. They are diligent towards their nearest and dearest and the Aquarian will enjoy it when the Crab's protective hands come on. Whenever they get together, it'll be one long laugh. In fact, Crabs are such sensitive shellfish that they'll be bothered and bewildered by the romantic reputation of their unorthodox Aquarian counterpart.

Aquarius Aquarius-Virgo Virgo

There are contrasts between the two signs of Aquarius and Virgo. It emphasizes a mental and intellectual affinity rather than a deep emotional bond. Virgo is rational, intelligent, analytical and sometimes cool while Aquarius can be dispassionate, detached, uninvolved. Virgo is careful, self-controlled, and orthodox, but Aquarius can be unpredictable, temperamental and unconventional at times. If they're talking about getting down to business together then they could be starting off on the road to success. But if it's love they're after, they could be in for a bout of a shock. If both of them have Venus swooning in loving and giving signs, they this will be a much more tender-hearted twosome. But this Matrimonial pair may also never find out what they mean to each other.

Aquarius Aquarius-Scorpio Scorpio

Both are strong willed and determined, so if they can channel their combined forces into a common goal, great achievements are possible. Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally passionate whereas Aquarius likes to feel free to share interests with many people. If Scorpio dominates there can be a clash and the rift ensures that the Aquarius can separate quickly. Scorpio takes love as an intensely personal matter whereas Aquarius treats it as universal love. Unless this difference is understood clearly between the two, Scorpio will feel that Aquarius is too impersonal and detached and their Matrimonial combination will not flourish. Astrologically speaking, all they have in common is their fixed signs, but putting the elements of fixed water and air together and we get a cold ice relationship. Even if this twosome tirade all the time at home, from dawn to dusk or never utter a peep and sleep in separate rooms, they'll present a united front to the world. After a day of toil the Scorpio likes to slump down a cozy bed whereas the Aqaurian likes to be outdoors.

AquariusAquarius-Capricorn Capricorn

This Matrimonial relationship will be subject to changes of moods, routine and attitudes. Many personal readjustments will have to be made on both sides although these may not be easy to achieve because Aquarius is independent and stubborn about personal ideas while Capricorn can never fathom why Aquarius sometimes becomes unpredictable and capricious. This behaviour undermines Capricorn's desire for stability and security. The first thing that the careful Capricorn has got to find out is whether their Aquarian is ruled by unusual Uranus or safer Saturn. If it is that ringed ruler Saturn, then the Aquarian in question will seem similar to the gorgeous goats. If the Aquarian is activated by unorthodox Uranus, this twosome will either tick over like a crazy clock. So it'll be a relationship of extremes for an Aquarian and a careful Capricorn. But if the water carrier's guiding light is Saturn, they'll be kindred spirits. What the clever Capricorn must never forget when they've found one of these water carriers is that Aquarians of all shapes and sizes need some adventure and excitement to perk up their lives. And if they don't get it from their nearest and dearest, they'll do something drastic to bring it about.

Aquarius Aquarius-Aquarius Aquarius

Much will depend on which of the many facets of this sign each person reflects, but sooner or later, unusual, surprising, changeable or disruptive conditions will affect the partnership. Some say that they are as queer as true buddies, but actually they've got it wrong. What they should realize is that there's nothing so strange as two Aquarius when they get together. This Matrimonial couple are a classic case of appearances being devastatingly deceptive. What you see on the outside won't resemble the reality. When two members of this sensational sign meet, they instinctively know whether they're going to get on together or not, even though other folk might not be so sure.

Aquarius Aquarius-Leo Leo

These signs are opposite to each other. There can be a strong initial attraction, which sometimes is transformed into equally strong opposition. Both have fixed opinions, strong determination and mind, so without compromise, there will be a clash of wills. .Leo will not understand why Aquarius should be so unpredictable, detached and elusive and at the most unexpected times. These two get on great, but what else would you expect when Aquarius, the sign of friendships, meets Leo, the sign of love? It's just got to be sunshine and smiles all the way. Those acrobatically Airy Aquarians adore Leos for their loving nature. They feel all warm and wonderful when they're with them and, in return, the laughing lion will be all agog to know what their Aquarian pal is going to do next. They find their unpredictability forever fascinating and endlessly endearing. Once love has blossomed though, Leos can change their royal minds. If the Leo's pride is pricked, that regal ego could start to inflate. Then this captivating couple will start waging out-and-out war to see which side gets supremacy.

Leo Leo-Sagittarius Sagittarius

This Matrimonial relation will work well, as both are optimistic, positive and take a broad viewpoint. Because both are frank, generous, and open hearted, they can be beneficial to one another. Leo will feel neglected, if Sagittarius is too eager for freedom and independence. When it comes to romance, these two are infected with it from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes. Their sights will always be set on the wide blue yonder these fiery folk bring out the best in each other to a delightful degree. They spur each other on in a wonderful way. That Leo drama and excitement will appeal to the Archer, whose dashing and daredevil approach to life will enthrall the Leo. Both of them love doing things in style and will want to visit all the best places that the world can offer.

Leo Leo-Aries Aries

Fiery Leo with fiery Aries is a positive combination and provided they do not both try to be the boss, this can be a stimulating duo. Leo can appreciate the Aries' drive and initiative while Aries is not overwhelmed by the big ideas, power of Leo. Both signs are outgoing, extrovert, warm and vibrant. When you put the creativity of a Leo with the energy of Aries, you won't get a Matrimonial couple whose idea of an exciting evening is playing a few rounds of snap before going to bed with a good book. These two will whizz off to parade at parties, dance the night away at the best disco in town, thrill themselves at the theatre and scare themselves silly at the cinema watching the latest spine-chiller. Leos love having the best, because they feel they deserve it and impetuous Arians will happily join in, because they think exactly the same thing. So unless there's a twinkling of economic Virgo in the Leo's chart or of materially-minded Taurus in the Arian's, it could be their loot and not their love that they'll lose.

Leo Leo-Virgo Virgo

Leo is an extrovert, rash and dominates whereas Virgo is modest, retiring and more inclined to be subservient. The success or failure depends on which side the male or female is. In business, it is better for Leo to lead and Virgo to follow. Leo's ardent emotions can overwhelm self-controlled Virgo but the latter seldom actually shows it. Leos are larger than life, being gorgeously grandiose and generous and wonderfully wide-ranging. But Virgos deal with the details of life, analysing all that they can and looking for perfection in everything they encounter. If the Leo has Venus in Virgo and the Virgo their planet of love-Venus in Leo , than these Matrimonial lovers are laughing all the way to the altar. Even if the stars aren't on their side like that, though, they can still come up with a winning combination if they're willing to give and take. Otherwise the precise and pedantic approach of Virgo will make the Leo feel oppressed and depressed. The Virgo need for having everything in its proper place could intensely irritate the Leo, who doesn't always do everything by the book.

Leo Leo-Scorpio Scorpio

These two powerfully strong-willed signs can prove excellent unless either tries to control or dominate the other. There is no limit to what they achieve if their goals coincide and they strive together. Leo, frank and open, will not understand Scorpio's secret, subtle mannerisms and Leo often will disapprove of them. Leo is a symbol of true love. If the duo is put together you could have a winning combination. Both of these adamant amours wants to dominate the other, in their one sweet way. Leos operate overtly, making no bones about being the boss while Scorpios scheme secretly behind the scenes. If love is to last, these two have both got to learn to give way more and not be so incredibly intransigent.

Leo Leo - Capricorn Capricorn

In the long run, Leo could feel hemmed in or restricted by Capricorn who, in turn, will feel that Leo's ways are extravagant or demonstrative. Leo likes to live life to the full, whereas Capricorn being too cautious and conservative, likes to plan for the future. Capricorn, emotionally reserved and fairly undemonstrative, seldom realises that Leos will feel starved unless given lots of love, affection and appreciation. These two can respect each other enormously when they're both embroiled in a business relationship. The lively Leo will be fabulously flamboyant and winning orders galore, while the canny Capricorn will be in the background. If love is to last, these two have both got to learn to give way more and not be so incredibly intransigent. Just as long as this pair practice powerful passion and not passionate power, they should have a whale of a time. There should be no intruders into their private area.

Leo Leo-Pisces Pisces

There is a great difference between the two. Leo is frank, open, and an extrovert whereas Pisces has deep, mysterious, elusive qualities which are almost unfathomable to most people. Leo never knows what Pisces is made of, but the latter admires the strength of Leo. Pisces needs to be more organised and Leo is the one to do it. So if they live together in understanding this will be an excellent duo. This Matrimonial couple has so many things in common that they'll be captivated by each other in no time at all. Leos love love and can be creative in the extreme and Pisceans revel in romance and are too artistic for words. They'll live in a wonderful world together, shimmering with soft lights and sweet music , which will lull them into a luscious lullaby of love. When a fishy female falls for a leo lad, you'd be forgiven for thinking they'd turned into two turtle doves, because there'll be so much billing and cooing. He'll know intuitively how to treat her and will shower her with all the things she likes best.

Leo Leo-Taurus Taurus

Unless both practise compromise, there will be conflict. Leo thrives on attention and affection. Taurus naturally dishes out. Taurus often tolerates being dominated by Leo. Until, one day, the worm turns. Leo's big ideas can be disturbing to the conservative Taurus. When this twosome are putting each other through their passionate paces in the beautiful boudoir they couldn't be happier. Things will be torrentially torrid and tactile and stunningly sensuous. After all, Taurus is the sign of passion and Leo is one of the two signs of amour, so this couple will find ecstasy and fantastic fulfilment in each other's arms. There's only one problem.The moment they climb out of romance and descend from their emotional world to the real world, everything can start to go woefully wrong, because they just refuse to see each other's point of view. They can both be intransigent and neither will give in to the other one. They're both fixed signs. Leos believe that they're right and they won't alter their original opinion no matter what you do or say. So, if this Matrimonial couple wants their relationship to work, they've got to discover the meaning of compromise, diplomacy and flexibility. Otherwise, they'll find that love and loyalty don't mean much any more. Though they'll both keep plodding on with their Matrimonial partnership.

Leo Leo-Cancer Cancer

In spite of their different natures, there will be a strong bond between the Leo and the Cancer. Cancer will often have to give way to the dominant Leo but Leo has a quality which makes Cancer's moon shine more brightly. A Leo needs appreciation and attention which Cancer is happy to give. A crab and a lion can get on like a house on fire and because they're so close to each other in the heavens, they may find that a little of each sign spillls into the other's. Things are best of all, though, when a loving Leo meets a captivating crab. They've got so much in common, it's charming. Leo lads love to love, which is great when they meet a Cancer, because she just wants to be loved. They're bound to awaken a ravishingly romantic response in each other. What will really make them both happy is that the fidelity factor will be fantastic, because Leo is a fixed and therefore faithful sign. Cancerians like to be dominated and who better can do that than a strong-hearted lion. The Cancer mother likes to cook, clean and care for the kids and be a very contented crab indeed. Lions love to have their cubs around them and this couple could surround themselves with lots of little smiling faces. This family will be a joy to behold.

Leo Leo-Leo Leo

Both are strong willed and this could be very good or very bad. Mutual give and take is very necessary. Alternatively, one will have to pay the second fiddle but which one is the problem in this Matrimonial combination. They can do everything if their goals and methods are alike. Emotionally, these two are like an island in paradise, full of swaying palm trees, warm waves lapping the sandy shore and the sound of music merging into complete contentment. This couple will blaze a tremendous trail as they whirl around town together, seeing the sights and being seen by everyone else. After all, because they're both Leos, they can rest assured that anything one of then wants to do is bound to appeal to the other one! They'll have a terrific time together and their mutual mates will adore it when they meet. There are some very dark, dank and dour lions indeed, who don't seem to be like the sunny side of this sign at all and they'll put a damper on things. But if both lions in this magnificent relationship are the sort of Leos who love life, so that life loves them in return, they'll have an astoundingly, affectionate and ardent affair that could last all their lives.

Aries Aries-Sagittarius Sagittarius

Fiery Aries with fiery Sagittarius does not conflict. Both are independent, and there must be some freedom. Sagittarius encourages enthusiastic outlook and honesty. Neither will tolerate the other being the boss. This Matrimonial couple will dance a fabulous fiery number that will warm both their hearts. They've got lots in common and will exude excitement and energy in the right doses. Everything this couple does will be full of feeling and endowed with enthusiasm and their relationship will be overflowing with optimism. If one of these folk feels down in the dumps, the other one will buck them up. They'll help each other out of any trials and tribulations they may tumble into and if times get truly tough, they'll stand by each other without a word of complaint. Life will be marvellous when cupid brings together an adventurous Arian man and a stunning Sagittarian girl, but their bank balance could hit rock bottom faster. This couple should do everything in the world together expect the shopping, because they'll both get so carried away that they could end up carrying out the whole shop. These two can be gorgeously grandiose and thoroughly theatrical. Both of them will be attracted by far away places with strange-sounding names, too and if they don't decide to live abroad, they'll always be off on travelling trips.

Aries Aries-Taurus Taurus

Fiery Aries with Earthy Taurus is not an easy combination. Since the needs and nature of these signs are so different, there will be difficulties without compromise. Aries needs the stimulus of new enterprises or challenges but Taurus prefers quiet stability. Aries becomes impatient while the Taurus person has slowness and stay-put attitude. When a bull and a ram ask each other for the next dance , Taurus will want to glide gracefully around in a leisurely way, while the Arian will soon get fed up with that and try to propel their partner round the floor in a combination of quickstep. Arians like to do things at the double and demonstrate that they're daring and dangerous and wacky witty. Taurus, on the other hand prefer to live at their own pace and they're much more pragmatic, prosaic and practical than their bouncy buddies. These two can cook up a lip-smacking Matrimonial relationship if they can find a balance between their two natures. They must try to understand each other's temperaments, which are desperately different. Impatient Arians always want things done yesterday, whereas bovine bulls plan for tomorrow. Life can be lovely when the beauty of a female Taurus attracts an arian man.

Aries Aries-Cancer Cancer

This Fire with water combination can create problems unless they search for a common ground. Cancer is sensitive and is often hurt by Ariesí frank, sarcastic, abrupt or even abrasive ways. Aries does not appreciate Cancer's sentimentality and emotional moods. Aries is said to be overactive and always on the out look for fun and enjoyment, whereas the crab likes to live in his own world of emotions and sentiments. But the crab shall be supportive and encouraging partner for the Arian. The Arian must make sure that his rush on the meadows does not hurt the crab not does he get hurt by the crab's sharp bite. The emotions of these two can be as far apart as the north pole and the south pole. The one thing they have in common, though, is that they're both cardinal creatures and so are tarred with an ambitious brush. That means that one area where love can find a way is if they work together. They'll make a dazzling duo then, because the Arian has the cut and thrust and Crab can make the foundations strong and secure.

Aries Aries-Virgo Virgo

Fiery Aries is volatile and impetuous, whereas Earthy Virgo is practical, stable and self-controlled. There is a great contrast of temperaments here. Aries cannot be bothered with the method, fuss and attention to details which comes so naturally to Virgo although Aries appreciates the results. Emotional natures differ so much that a good mental affinity is vital. These two just don't understand what makes the other tick at all. The Ram is free ranging whereas Virgos like to anaylse every aspect of everything they encounter and criticise what they don't agree with. The ways of the Ram will intensely irritate the Virgo, who'll accuse him of being selfish, slovenly and superficial. In return, the Ram will say that the Virgo is always nagging and nit picking, criticising and carping. It'll end in fractiousness and friction. Money can provoke problems too. The trouble will be that the Virgo will be constantly counting the cash and the Ram ready to spend it off.

Aries Aries-Scorpio Scorpio

Aries with watery Scorpio creates a highly charged association. Mars rules over both the signs, so there will be mutual appreciation of strength or capabilities or fierce competition. Aries does not suspect the secretive ways of Scorpio. Excellent for team work, if goals agree, but these signs will demand much of each other. Any relationship between these two is certain to center on romance. Their Matrimonial partnership will pulsate with passion. What else do you expect, with two of the sultriest signs of the zodiac?

Aries Aries-Capricorn Capricorn

This Fire and earth duo can be stressful. Capricorn likes to plan ahead and play a waiting game. Aries acts immediately and hates to wait. Unless both people are willing to exercise tolerance, their extremely different viewpoints can bring tension or even bitterness. Capricorn often unwillingly squashes Aries. Because they're both cardinal, this couple can abound with ambition and know exactly what they want out of life. It can be especially exciting if the Capricorn is the financial director, who steers the ship and keeps an eagle eye on all matters monetary and the Arian is the one who rushes hither and thither, winning orders left, right and center. Then they'll generate such a sparkle and a fantastic fizz that they could put a well-known soft drinks firm straight out of business. Bring them out of the boardroom and into the open air and the trouble can start. Temperamentally, these two are tarred with very different brushes, but because they're so competitive, they could become rivals in love.

There could also be a clash of egos, principles and traditions, with the Capricorn being a stickler for doing things properly and the Arian throwing all that aside. Goats can bear grudges, long after the Arian thinks the argument's ended and will sit and stew in a sulky silence to make their point.

Aries Aries-Pisces Pisces

Entirely different planets are ruling in nature in this Matrimonial combination. They are worlds apart and it will be difficult to find common grounds. Positive, active, Aries cannot fathom the nebulous, mysterious substance of Pisces who often irritates by appearing to be negative or indecisive. Even if they end up hating the sight of each other, they'll still have a potently passionate relationship. Pisceans love fantasies and have a penchant for hatching up a playful plot or two . The Arian loves a good game, so they could be just the ones to join in for a Pisces. In a close relationship, though, their different desires could clash. The fishy feeling for romance at every turn could conflict with the Arian aim of doing their own thing.

Aries Aries- Aries Aries

Fire with a fire is a compatible Matrimonial combination although it produces a volatile, exciting and sometimes stressful atmosphere. Peace, quiet and relaxation will be difficult to achieve. If both people try to rule the roost, disputes and tension will result. When necessary, each will defend the other.

Boredom will seldom arise in this duo because both like to be active. When two rampant Rams spot each other across a crowded room and the sparks start fly, they don't waste a second. Whether they're cheeky friends or lovers, they'll enjoy doing all sorts of things together, from kicking a ball about in the back garden to cuddling up close in the middle of a field.

Sagittarius Sagittarius - Capricorn Capricorn

There is a marked contrast in this Matrimonial relation between the Sagittarius and the Capricorn. Independent, freedom-loving Sagittarius will not take kindly to being represses or restricted by Capricorn, who in turn, will not understand Sagittarian's inner longings, high ideals and impossible dreams. If they can bridge the gap and achieve a happy relationship, each will certainly benefit in the long term. Sagittarius is ruled by jovial Jupiter, the planet of expansion and careful Capricorn is ruled by sturdy Saturn, the planet of limitation. If they are clever, they could end up with a winning combination that won't even give them the tiniest twinge. There has to be an extra dimension if they're to be a success, because they operate on different levels.

Sagittarius Sagittarius-Pisces Pisces

These Matrimonial relation is full of complexities and presents a multitude of possibilities. Some compatibility will be found in mutual appreciation, religion, mysticism, travels, charitable causes or other lofty ideas. Pisces's vivid imagination probably will conjure up the worst picture when Sagittarius feels the need to be independent. In spite of his good qualities, a Sagittarius lacks the softness and tender loving care essential for Pisces. The Piscean tendency to be indecisive, impractical and disorganised may exasperate Sagittarius who is basically active, impulsive and positive and likes to get things done quickly and efficiently. The sensitive sign of Pisces is ruled by two planets- Neptune and Jupiter, who also rules Sagittarius. So if the fish is swimming in the clearer waters of Jupiter and not the cloudy ones of Neptune, love could find a way. But even so they must both be caring, considerate and thoughtful folk who are able to be honest with each other. They'll be able to talk about all sorts of scintillating subjects and their relationship will be a meeting of minds. The Sagittarian need for emotion is light years away from that of the Piscean. There could be a delightful delicacy of feeling from the fish and an incredible indelicacy from the archer, which won't do either of them any good at all. The Sagittarian's get-up-and-go is in complete contrast to the Pisceans need for someone who's imbued with understanding and a nicely nurturing nature. Another problem is that because they're both mutable signs, they could conduct an extremely inconsistent affair.

Sagittarius Sagittarius-Taurus Taurus

Taurus is one of the stable signs and he feels secure when life is settled. His nature is to stay put and be possessive. Sagittarius is restless, enjoys things, far away places, travelling, and need plenty of room both mentally and physically. Too much of this prove very unsettling for Taurus. But true love can still manage to transcend all these differences. Unless someone gives them a stepladder, they'll never be able to meet in the middle. These two have a completely contrary way of looking at life. Taurus is a creatures of habit and often actions speak louder than words for these strong and silent types. But Sagittarians have a love affair with language and ideas. They can suddenly become enthralled by a thought and want to rush off and put it into practice then and there. As far as the bovine bulls are concerned, that's is the most impractical thing they've ever heard of.

Sagittarius Sagittarius-Cancer Cancer

Both the signs have great differences in nature. Without good communication cancer will be isolated because Sagittarius is far too wayward and freedom-loving. Sagittarius is mentally, emotionally and physically independent which can make Cancer feel insecure. Both are generous in different ways, Cancer tends to cling, which causes Sagittarius to feel smothered or trapped. When this twosome first meet, they can have a terrific time together. They'll think they have made it. But almost from the moment they tie the nuptial knot, the rot will set in. This duo have desperately different outlooks on life, with Cancer always hankering for habits and preferring the familiar, because it's safer and the Archer always off in search of pastures new, because they always want to know what's round the next corner. If they can't sort something out, they might both decide that it's just not worth the bother. The Sagittarians captivating candidness can become bruising bluntness and that's something Cancerians can't cope with.

Sagittarius Sagittarius-Virgo Virgo

Virgo is methodical, careful, controlled and analytical. Fiery Sagittarius is impulsive, quick, independent and sometimes reckless and extravagant. The fiery Sagittarian and the earthy Virgo are both mutable, which means that they're both constantly on the lookout for change and ways of improving themselves. If they're negative, they'll both believe in change for change's sake, but if they're both positive people, this could be a combination that's on top. The Virgo will want to better himself and prance along the path to perfection, while the Sagittarian will be high-minded, philosophical and constantly on the search for new knowledge. Oddly enough, this pairing could be better off being platonic, with the accent not on love but on learning and educating each other. They should exchange words and wisdoms, not kisses and caresses and they'll find it just as much of a thrill being brainy buddies as passionate partners. The adaptable archers often find that they love the one they're with at the time, whereas precise Virgos need a love that can be completely defined. Because they're inconstant creatures, their loving liaison might not have a sturdy enough staying power and it could fizzle out. When a pretty Virgo goes weak at the knees over an attractive archer, their home life could become a big battle about neatness.

Sagittarius-Scorpio Scorpio

Unless Scorpio compromises, the relation will create problems. Sagittarius's love of independence and freedom will arouses Scorpio's jealously as he wants to possess, which is denied. Scorpio demands much of both self and others but Sagittarius will rebel against domination. Some Sagittarians are just too flighty, flippant and fickle for words, making their Scorpio break out into a cold sweat. They never know what's going to happen next and they hate it. Although both signs think very deeply about all kinds of causes, they do it in different ways- Sagittarians are philosophical, whereas Scorpios are psychological. Adventurous archers also like to try any thing once-and that can include their Scorpio lovers. The path of true love will run a lot smoother if their Venuses nestle in each other's sun signs. They'll both be imbued with a greater understanding of their desires.

Sagittarius Sagittarius- Sagittarius Sagittarius

This team of Sagittarius with Sagittarius is active, enthusiastic, and optimistic--a lively team. Together they generate an atmosphere of restless activity and excitement, so that life will move fast. Both like freedom and independence, so unless they pull together and constantly reinforce the partnership there is a chance they will drift apart. Monetary and too many ties are their enemies. Together, most Sagittarians have a hankering for far-flung places. They won't think twice about immigrating, if that's what takes their fancy or they could work in another country for a short spell just to see what it's like. These two need to share a challenge of some sort, whether it's joining up for a journey of the mind or the body. If they don't want to set sail for the wide blue yonder, they could find a philosophical fact to work on and discuss for hours on end. If they can form this adventurous alliance, they'll cement a firm foundation for their love that will see them through thick and thin.

Taurus Taurus-Cancer Cancer

They have much in common. Feelings, emotions and affections are important to both. Taurus appreciates the attention and protection which cancer enjoys giving. Both are conservative, conflict can be caused by extremism or divergent interests. Common sense and logical discussions are the best antidotes when emotions are exaggerated. They can also bring out the best in each other in all sorts of wonderful ways. And as if that weren't enough to keep them forever smiling, they both seek security and safety from life's rich tapestry. A Cancerian won't moan and groan when their bull asks them where they're going , because it's unlikely that either of them will go anywhere without the other. With no mistakes, this couple will be clinging on to each other for life.

Taurus Taurus -Virgo Virgo

Both are practical and co-operative, realistic and capable. However their emotional nature is not similar. Taurus being emotional and possessive can sometimes smoothen Virgo whose feelings are much under control. Both desire material success and security. Strange as it may seem when two earth elements embrace, this can be a confusing combination. Although they can get on well together, they'll never have a really rich Matrimonial relationship unless they can take a crash course in what makes each other tick. The problem is that they've got such contrary characters. Those vibrant Virgos are mutable and ruled by Mercury, making them like quicksilver. They'll clash here and there, wanting to experience all the light and shade that life can offer. Taurus, on the other hand, are fixed folk, who are ruled by vivacious Venus, Goddess of love.

Taurus Taurus-Capricorn Capricorn

Both are security conscious. Taurus will always appreciate Capricorn's practical attitude, perseverance, realistic approach and ambition. Both are conservative, patient and willing to share responsibility. Neither believes in superficial pleasures, so life could be just too serious at times. These two are a whiz when it comes to all matters monetary, as well as romantic concerns. It really will be a case of two minds working as one when a bull and a goat get together. After all, what the Taurean wants most out of life is to be safe and secure and as comfortable as possible in their abode. And the Capricorn is striving to make as much money as they can and receive all the recognition and rewards that they feel they deserve. The gorgeous goats are supposed always to know exactly how much money they own, down to the last penny, but you mustn't forget that it's the bulls, who are the sign of money and possessions. But don't think that that makes them misers. They want lots of loot, not for itself, but for all the beautiful possessions it can buy. When they're surrounded on all sides by objects they own, they'll feel safe, secure and snug as a bug.

Taurus Taurus- Pisces Pisces

Lots of friendship, affection or love can be shared and they both appreciate beauty, pleasures and good things of life. Each can help the other because Taurus is practical whereas Pisces is a dreamer. When problems arise, clear thinking is clouded by too much emotion. That beautiful bull will be able to turn on the passion and the protection in divine dollops that will be large enough to satisfy even the most demanding Piscean. And their innate sensitivity and refinement will make the Taurean feel that at last they've found someone else who can appreciate the finer details of life. These two will give into each other's whims and they might be watching the weather forecast one minute and the next they'll be overcome by passion and fantasy and have to make powerfully passionate love right there on the rug. The bull will be as romantically inclined as her fishy fellow and hearts and flowers will be strewn all over the path of passion when they're together. This Matrimonial couple is kindred spirits and the partnership has the potential to get better and better, the longer it lasts.

Taurus Taurus-Taurus Taurus

A stable, conservative and down-to-earth association, this Matrimonial relationship has enduring qualities. When provoked both can be jealous and possessive. Both are cautious of security. This team lacks dynamic initiative. They can be such a cosy, comfy couple it's charming to behold. Their relationship is all about cottages entwined with roses and tender loving care and they'll both be happy living out their traditional roles in life. Their biggest downfall will be if they're both so stubborn that neither of them ever gives in about anything. Since they're fixed folk, they like to stay with the truly tried and tested and won't want to experiment with something that they know nothing about. And though that fixity could form an unbreakable bond between them, it might also mean that they both dig in their heels to such an extent that they'll both become too intransigent for words. But if they can overcome the obstinate and obdurate aspects of their natures, they'll discover that they have a long-term love for evermore and will live happily ever after. They'll love knowing all the moves in their games of love and will be reassured by a regular romantic routine.

Taurus Taurus-Scorpio Scorpio

These are opposite signs. In Matrimonial relationship, this factor often brings irresistible physical attraction initially but when it diminishes, the opposite happens unless both have more things in common. Both are jealous and possessive, so mutual trust is essential. Such intense feelings can sometimes bring about a turbulent love-hate friendship. These two signs wave at each other from opposite ends of the zodiac. These two can attract each other like maddened magnets. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who answers for fatal attractions, while Scorpio is ruled by powerful, psychological Pluto and single-minded Mars. Because these are both fixed folk, their relationship will be fantastically faithful and gorgeously generous. It'll also be primarily possessive. Both signs want to possess the other, not only physically but also on a more mental level. The wonderful thing is that they both love it. Even when their lake of love is at its lowest level, there's not the slightest suspicion of them separating. There's a rigidity to this relationship, it's intrinsically intransigent and ferociously fixed. 

Virgo Virgo-Capricorn Capricorn

They both appreciate the practical side of life and work. Both are conscientious, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility and both are well matched for business and practical matters but there could be lack of feelings, warm emotions and a romantic sparkle. Capricorn admires the systematic, methodical, self-contained and logical ways. Virgos make you feel that anything is possible. When a Capricorn meets a Virgo maiden who says service is her middle name, it's amazing. Most Capricorn people are imbued with ambition and want to get to the top of their life in some way or other. They want to be big in business and a Virgo is just the lass to help this Capricorn achieve his/her heart's desire.

Virgo Virgo-Cancer Cancer

Cancer is patient and willing to accept, Virgo will not be happy with quick and sloppy work. Virgo is too much of a perfectionist to do things in a hurry. Cancer is easily hurt and hypersensitive, so a Cancerian should not be criticised when he errs. Virgo is not too demonstrative, when it comes down to expressing feelings of love and affection. If the Crab is clever enough, they'll be able to win their Virgo over their own wonderful ways of caring and sharing and the relationship will work. But if the Virgo doesn't respond in the requested way, they'll both be very frustrated folk. The problem between these two is that Cancerians are sensitive, emotional and feeling folk, whereas Virgos think all the time and rationalise everything to excess. They'll work out the whys and wherefores of every single situation, including all things romantic, while Crabs rush in where angels fear to tread and see things in a defensive way.

Virgo Virgo-Scorpio Scorpio

Since both are practical and intelligent, this combination will work well. But emotionally these signs are worlds apart, Scorpio has intense feelings, burning desires and is often at the mercy of his or her own emotions, whereas Virgo believes in controlling them. Scorpio is demanding, so will appreciate Virgo's reliable conscientious qualities. If there's one thing that Virgos can't cope with it's dirt. The first catch this couple will come up against is cleanliness. As the Scorpio rushes around turning up the charm and turning down the lights, the Virgo will be on the prowl, checking the dwelling for dust and dirt in every nook and cranny. This Matrimonial couple can get on quite well, although they often do better on a familial footing or a business basis. It can be decidedly difficult for the vestal Virgo to sustain the Scorpio's Plutonic passion. Although Virgos belong to the earthy element, making then superbly solid and full of feeling, they are ruled by that Mercury, who makes them much more mentally motivated.

Virgo Virgo -Virgo Virgo

Virgos are realistic and enjoy an organised routine. This makes it it is easy for them to fall into a rut. Neither will make impossible emotional demands on the other but each should avoid nagging or finding faults with the other. None can picture what they are up to and there'll be a big question mark hanging over their heads . And when they both like a good read, they''ll have a night in with the encyclopedia, to give their brains a good airing. After all, they're both ruled by Mercury, so they'll be intelligent.

Virgo Virgo -Pisces Pisces

Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces but both can complement each other. They see things with different eyes, each will always be a mystery to the other. Virgo is motivated by reason, analysis, facts and logic. Pisces is guided by feelings, emotions, intuition and that strange ability to sense what is what. Virgo brings method to Pisces's madness, romance, imagination. Pisces can add a touch of intangible magic to Virgo's life. These astrological opposities could have been made for each other. It's when they're alone that this couple can really click. The down-to-earth Virgo can control those powerful Piscean feelings and fantasies and the fish will feel their Virgo is imbued with common-sense. It's a perfect Matrimonial partnership and the Piscean will be able to colour the grey Virgo nature with all other colours of the rainbow, while the Virgo will inject no-nonsense black and white into the Piscean's personality.

Capricorn Capricorn-Scorpio Scorpio

Neither of them expects life to be an easy road full of fun and games. Both can be dedicated, determined and hard working .In serious and practical matters, they make a good team if their goals are the same. When conflict arises, they can be deadly enemies. Since neither of them readily gives up, serious rifts will not be easily or quickly resolved between the two. When it comes to love, these two can form a foundation of feelings that can last them for life.

Capricorn Capricorn-Pisces Pisces

These signs of Capricorn and Pisces complement each other. Pisces finds it easy to amalgamate and can adapt to people and situations which are safe and secure. Capricorn is the epitome of safety and security. Pisces is intensely sensitive, emotional, romantic and sentimental, so may feel sad or hurt when Capricorn hides his/her true feelings. Pisces is not one with aggressively competitive signs, so offers no apparent threat to Capricorn's ambitious and long range plans to climb the ladder of success. Capricorn's sense of management and excellent practical abilities will help to shelter the sensitive Pisces from some of the harsh realities of life. The goat will soon get the general gist and they may lose that side of themselves that is all too solid and down to earth and realise that seeing isn't always believing. They're usually so cautious and wary of being hoodwinked or being made to look a fool. But the Piscean should be able to put that right and, in return, the graceful goat will be able to catch hold of the fish's feet when they get too carried away by their own fights of fantasy and gently bring them down to earth again.

Capricorn Capricorn-Capricorn Capricorn

This Matrimonial combination multiplies a Capricornian's cautious, conservative, realistic approach to life. With a common goal, their ambitions and perseverance will ensure success. However, if one tries to use the other for selfish ends, it can lead to much bitterness and resentment. Outsiders who are more adventurous and relaxed are likely to find this duo too serious and formal. Look at the ladder of success and you can see a couple of Capricorns. This determined duo have climbed right to the top, rung by rung, without making any song and dance about it. One of the terrific traits of the twosome will be that they don't want to get to the top on their own marvellous merits- they don't need any help from anyone else. Trouble is, though, that neither of them will be able to live with a failure and if one of them is a roaring success and the other a failure in life, their relationship won't be a sparkling success. But if they're both successful, it could be a life of roses for this twosome.

Capricorn Capricorn-Cancer Cancer

Without good communication this Matrimonial relationship between Capricorn and Cancer will become dead. These are opposite signs in the zodiac. They could have a complementary and also a competitive relationship. Ambition and success are the keynotes. The sensitive Cancer will feel hurt or neglected. Cancer admires and benefits from Capricorn's sense of duty and responsibility but Capricorn sometime lacks the sentiments, warmth and loving care, which is very important to Cancer. Although they're astrological opposites, these two have lots in common. Those gorgeous old goats are tremendous traditionalists, imbued with a strong sense of history. There could be problems in paradise even for this pair, if the Capricorn is so steeped in Victorian morals and standards that they can never let themselves go .If these sensitive swains want their relationship to work, they've got to form their very own mutual admiration society .Both of them need reams of reassurance, otherwise the Cancerian may worry themselves sick and the Capricorn will develop an incredible inferiority complex and become a grouchy old goat. They've both got to talk about their insecurities. What they both want, from their lives as well as their loves, is a strong sense of security and they'll build a lovely life.

Cancer Cancer-Scorpio Scorpio

Both signs are related to feelings and emotions rather than facts and logic. When harmony prevails, this is the best duo, but it conflict arises, emotions go out of control and distort clear thinking. Each one is intuitive and can sense the wrong. So mutual trust is essential. Because these two are both ruled by water, they will have an instinctive understanding of each other's dreams and desire and their relationship will be suffused with sympathy and sensitivity. The sky is the limit for this relationship. Contentment will ooze from every pore, as long as this couple stay together. But there is a wee worry that they might have a hankering for pastures new. They aren't likely to stray seriously, but the damage will have been done. So they should try to introduce elements of originality into their existing arrangement, to keep boredom at bay. Crabs, both male and female, believe that home is where the heart is and will fight claw and pincer to keep it that way. Scorpios are fixed, so need loyalty-and they can get crates of it from their Cancerian counterparts.

Cancer Cancer-Cancer Cancer

In this Matrimonial relation feelings and emotions will play a dominant role. This will bring great happiness, the reverse can also apply. Both are sympathetic and compassionate, so will help each other during troubles. Emotions can make clear thinking difficult, so some upsetting or muddled situations can occur when things go wrong. They can be cosseting, cosy crabs or sulking, silent shellfish. When two Cancerians set up life together you never can tell which way round it will work out. 'They'll spend their whole time together waiting for the next emotional blow to strike. When two souls as sensitive as these crabs get into a relation it'd be hearts and flowers all the way and they'd swim along in a sea of trust and tranquility. Well, some of them can, but many of them are so mean, moody and miserable that they'll spend their entire existences taking umbrage and being uppity. The way for them to work it out is if one of them can be more assertive. But if they're both such soppy and soggy shellfish that it's sickening to see them, they'll be in for very big problems indeed.

Scorpio-Pisces Pisces

The Matrimonial relation is magnetic in attraction, will generate an intensely emotional relationship. Scorpio dominates over others, Pisces is outwardly submissive, and has devious manoeuvres. Pisces can soothe the inner tension, compelling desires and compulsive yearning within Scorpio. Each intuitively senses the other's moods, needs, fears and faults. When things go wrong an overabundance of emotion will cloud the issue and mar settlements. Because they are both water babies, their relationship will be lapped with love, dripping with devotion, suffused with sensitivity, caressed with caring and imbued with intuition. Scorpio and Pisces is a magically mysterious mixing of two of the most sensitive and psychic signs. Most of these couples communicate completely in the cerebral sense. Fish live in a dreamy world of their own, full of fantasies and diverse dreams, all of which the Scorpio will be able to fulfill.

Scorpio Scorpio-Scorpio Scorpio

This is a Matrimonial combination of emotional strength, strong feelings, desires, and passions which both have. So with great desire and purpose they can achieve great things. If not, violent clashes are likely. There is a touch of both the saint and the devil in this combination or union. When two Scorpios get together, they do not beat about the bush. They both need extremes of emotion, magical mysteries and inescapable intensity. The energy they emanate may be hidden from sight, but it will be bubbling under the surface, ready to well up and cause a commotion at any moment. They'll protect each other as only fixed signs can do, but the moment one of them betrays the other's trust, then all hell breaks out. Once they've paired up, the Scorpio couple will be hell-bent on holding their relationship together, no matter what calamity comes along. Scorpios are sensationally superstitious and both believe in destiny. They will feel that they were destined for each other and that their love was written in the stars.

Pisces Pisces-Pisces Pisces

In this Matrimonial relationship feelings, emotions, intuition, daydreams are in the fore and take precedence over logical and rational analysis. Each has his own private and secret world. Both can become muddled, disorganised, indecisive and in a dither, so there will be periods when time is wasted and confusion reigns in practical matters. Because they are so emotional and sentimental they cry when happy or sad. It'll be a magnificent and mystical match if they both want to take the world by storm. If one of this twosome is a weak water baby, the stronger one will turn into a nursemaid who fetches and carries and leads their partner through life by the hand. Emotionally it may be all they've ever wanted, but they do need something solid in their lives to hold them together. Matrimonial Site Matrimonials - Life partner India - Exclusive online Indian Matrimonial Site
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