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LP2059296's profile

Personal Details

Age & gender: 32, Female
Marital status: Never married
Children: No
Height: 5ft 2in [157cm]
Complexion: Wheatish medium
Body Type: Athletic
Manglik: Yes
Any Disability: None
Religion and Community
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Vishwakarma
Community: Hindi

More about LP2059296

Education & Occupation

Education: Diploma
Education details: Diploma in beautician after DCA (computer)
Occupation: Not working at present
Annual Income: Not Working


Current residence: Chhapra, Bihar, India
Residency status: Citizen

Life style

Diet: Non-veg
Drink: No
Smoke: No

Religious, Social & Astrological information

Religion: Hindu
Caste: Vishwakarma
Sub Caste: Carpenter
Gothra(m): Tell u later
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Family values: Liberal
Sun sign: Virgo
Horoscope: Not present
Nakshatram / Star: Rohini
Rashi / Moon Sign: Rishabam (Taurus)

Personality, Long-Term Goals, Partner Expectations, etc


I want a life partner who is CARING, UNDERSTANDING, LOYAL, FITNESS FREAKI, EMOTIONAL, and DOWN TO EARTH with clean heart person who be a GOOD FRIEND as HUSBAND & RESPECTFUL of the elderly.

Family Background

No family background information given

My desired match

His basic information

Age: 32-36
Marital status: Never married
Children: No
Height: 5ft 7in [170cm]-5ft 10in [177cm]
Complexion: Fair, Wheatish, Wheatish medium, Wheatish Brown
Body type: Athletic
Manglik: Yes

His Education & Occupation

Education: Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate, Diploma, Secondary education
Occupation: Administrative & Support Services, Agriculture, Architectural Services, Banking & Financial Services, Civil services, Company Secretary, Consulting Services, Customer Service Professional, Engineering, Executive, Finance - Accounting / Auditing, Govt. Employee, Healthcare & allied services, IT - Hardware, IT - Software / Telecommunication, Management, Marketing, Medical Professionals - Doctors / Surgeons, Medical Transcription Professional, Real Estate Services, Research & Development Scholars, Self Employed / Business, Travel / Hospitality

His Religious and Social Background

Religion/Caste: Hindu, Sikh, Hindu:6000 Niyogi, Hindu:96K Kokanastha, Hindu:Adi Dravida, Hindu:Ad Dharmi, Hindu:Adi Andhra, Hindu:Adi Karnataka, Hindu:Agamudayar, Hindu:Agarwal, Hindu:Agri, Hindu:Ahir, Hindu:Ahom, Hindu:Ambalavasi, Hindu:Arora, Hindu:Arunthathiyar, Hindu:Arya Vysya, Hindu:Aryasamaj, Hindu:Baghel/ Pal/ Gaderiya, Hindu:Bahi, Hindu:Baidya, Hindu:Baishnab, Hindu:Baishya, Hindu:Balija, Hindu:Balija Naidu, Hindu:Bania, Hindu:Banjara, Hindu:Bari, Hindu:Barujibi, Hindu:Besta, Hindu:Banik, Hindu:Bengali, Hindu:Bhandari, Hindu:Bhatia, Hindu:Bhatraju, Hindu:Bhavsar, Hindu:Bhovi, Hindu:Billava, Hindu:Bishnoi/Vishnoi, Hindu:Boyer, Hindu:Brahmbatt, Hindu:Brahmin, Hindu:Brahmin Anavil, Hindu:Brahmin Andhra, Hindu:Brahmin Bajkhedwal, Hindu:Brahmin Barendra, Hindu:Brahmin Audichya, Hindu:Brahmin Bengali, Hindu:Brahmin Bhumihar, Hindu:Brahmin Bhargava, Hindu:Brahmin Bhatt, Hindu:Brahmin Brahacharanam, Hindu:Brahmin Davadnya, Hindu:Brahmin Deshastha, Hindu:Brahmin Dhiman, Hindu:Brahmin Dravida, Hindu:Brahmin Dunua, Hindu:Brahmin Garhwali, Hindu:Brahmin Goswami, Hindu:Brahmin Gujar Gaur, Hindu:Brahmin Gour, Hindu:Brahmin Gujrati, Hindu:Brahmin Gurukkal, Hindu:Brahmin Halua, Hindu:Brahmin Hoysala, Hindu:Brahmin Gowd Saraswat, Hindu:Brahmin Havyaka, Hindu:Brahmin Iyer, Hindu:Brahmin Iyengar, Hindu:Brahmin Jangid, Hindu:Brahmin Jangra, Hindu:Brahmin Jhadua, Hindu:Brahmin Jhijhotiya, Hindu:Brahmin Jogi, Hindu:Brahmin Kannada, Hindu:Brahmin Kanada Madhva, Hindu:Brahmin Kanyakubja, Hindu:Brahmin Karhade, Hindu:Brahmin Kashmiri Pandit, Hindu:Brahmin Kokanastha, Hindu:Brahmin Kota, Hindu:Brahmin Kulin, Hindu:Brahmin Kumaoni, Hindu:Brahmin Maharashtrian, Hindu:Brahmin Maithil, Hindu:Brahmin Modh, Hindu:Brahmin Mohyal, Hindu:Brahmin Nagar, Hindu:Brahmin Niyogi Nandavariki, Hindu:Brahmin Namboodiri, Hindu:Brahmin Narmadiya, Hindu:Brahmin Panda, Hindu:Brahmin Pandit, Hindu:Brahmin Pareek, Hindu:Brahmin Pushkarna, Hindu:Brahmin Punjabi, Hindu:Brahmin Rajasthani, Hindu:Brahmin Rarhi, Hindu:Brahmin Rigvedi, Hindu:Brahmin Rudraj, Hindu:Brahmin Sakaldwipi, Hindu:Brahmin Sanadya, Hindu:Brahmin Sanketi, Hindu:Brahmin Saraswat, Hindu:Brahmin Saryuparin, Hindu:Brahmin Shivalli, Hindu:Brahmin Shrimali, Hindu:Brahmin Smartha, Hindu:Brahmin Vaidiki, Hindu:Brahmin Viswa, Hindu:Brahmin Vyas, Hindu:Brahmin Yajurvedi, Hindu:Brahmo, Hindu:Bunt/Shetty, Hindu:Chambhar, Hindu:Chandravanshi Kahar, Hindu:Chasa, Hindu:Chattada Sri Vaishnava, Hindu:Chaudary, Hindu:Chettiar, Hindu:Chhetri, Hindu:CKP, Hindu:Coorgi, Hindu:Dawoodi Bhora, Hindu:Deshastha Maratha, Hindu:Devadigas, Hindu:Devanga, Hindu:Dheevara, Hindu:Dusadh, Hindu:Digambar, Hindu:Gabit, Hindu:Ganiga, Hindu:Garhwali, Hindu:Gavali, Hindu:Gavara, Hindu:Ghumar, Hindu:Goala, Hindu:Goan, Hindu:Gomantak Maratha, Hindu:Gondhali, Hindu:Goud, Hindu:Goswami, Hindu:Gounder, Hindu:Gowda, Hindu:Gramani, Hindu:Gudia, Hindu:Gujjar, Hindu:Gujarati, Hindu:Gupta, Hindu:Gurav, Hindu:Gurjar, Hindu:Hegde, Hindu:Iyengar, Hindu:Iyer, Hindu:Jaiswal, Hindu:Jangam, Hindu:Jat, Hindu:Jatav, Hindu:Kadava patel, Hindu:Kahar, Hindu:Kaibarta, Hindu:Kalal, Hindu:Kalar, Hindu:Kalinga Vysya, Hindu:Kalwar, Hindu:Kamboj, Hindu:Kamma, Hindu:Kansari, Hindu:Kapol, Hindu:Kapu Munnuru, Hindu:Karana, Hindu:Karmakar, Hindu:Kannada Mogaveera, Hindu:Kapu, Hindu:Kapu Naidu, Hindu:Karuneekar, Hindu:Kasar, Hindu:Kashyap, Hindu:Kayastha, Hindu:Khandayat, Hindu:Khandelwal, Hindu:Kharwar, Hindu:Khatik, Hindu:Khatri, Hindu:Kokanastha Maratha, Hindu:Koli, Hindu:Koli Mahadev, Hindu:Kongu Vellala Gounder, Hindu:Konkani, Hindu:Kori, Hindu:Koshti, Hindu:Kshatriya, Hindu:Kshatriya Agnikula, Hindu:Kudumbi, Hindu:Kulalar, Hindu:Kulita, Hindu:Kumawat, Hindu:Kumbhakar, Hindu:Kummari, Hindu:Kumhar/Kumbhar, Hindu:Kunbi, Hindu:Kurmi, Hindu:Kurmi kshatriya, Hindu:Kuruba, Hindu:Kuruhina shetty, Hindu:Kurumbar, Hindu:Kushwaha, Hindu:Kutchi, Hindu:Kutchi Gurjar, Hindu:Lambadi, Hindu:Leva Patidar, Hindu:Leva Patil, Hindu:Lingayat, Hindu:Lodhi Rajput, Hindu:Lohana, Hindu:Lohar, Hindu:Lubana, Hindu:Madiga, Hindu:Mahajan, Hindu:Mahar, Hindu:Malayalee Namboodiri, Hindu:Malayalee Variar, Hindu:Mahisya, Hindu:Majabi/Mazhbi, Hindu:Maharashtrian, Hindu:Maheshwari, Hindu:Mahindra, Hindu:Manipuri, Hindu:Mapila, Hindu:Maratha, Hindu:Maruthuvar, Hindu:Marvar, Hindu:Marwari, Hindu:Matang, Hindu:Mathur, Hindu:Maurya, Hindu:Meena, Hindu:Meenavar, Hindu:Mehra, Hindu:Menon, Hindu:Modak, Hindu:Mogaveera, Hindu:Motati Reddy, Hindu:Mudaliar, Hindu:Mudaliar Arcot, Hindu:Mudaliar Saiva, Hindu:Mudaliar Senguntha, Hindu:Mudiraj, Hindu:Muthuraja, Hindu:Mukulathur, Hindu:Nadar, Hindu:Naicker, Hindu:Naidu, Hindu:Naik/Nayak/Nayaka, Hindu:Nair, Hindu:Nair Veluthedathu, Hindu:Nair Vilakkithala, Hindu:Namasudra/Namosudra, Hindu:Nair Vaniya, Hindu:Nambiar, Hindu:Namboodiri, Hindu:Nepali, Hindu:Nhavi, Hindu:OBC, Hindu:Oswal, Hindu:Padmashali, Hindu:Pal, Hindu:Panchal, Hindu:Panchamsali, Hindu:Pandaram, Hindu:Panicker, Hindu:Parkava Kulam, Hindu:Pasi, Hindu:Patel, Hindu:Patel Desai, Hindu:Patel Dodia, Hindu:Patel Kadva, Hindu:Patel Leva, Hindu:Patil, Hindu:Patnaick, Hindu:Patra, Hindu:Perika, Hindu:Pillai, Hindu:Prajapati, Hindu:Punjabi, Hindu:Raigar, Hindu:Rajaka, Hindu:Rajbhar, Hindu:Rajbonshi, Hindu:Rajput, Hindu:Rajput Garhwali, Hindu:Rajput Kumaoni, Hindu:Rajput Negi, Hindu:Rajput Rohella/Tank, Hindu:Ramdasia, Hindu:Ramgarhia, Hindu:Ravidasia, Hindu:Rawat, Hindu:Reddy, Hindu:Sadgope, Hindu:Saha, Hindu:Sahu, Hindu:Saini, Hindu:Saliya, Hindu:Scheduled Caste, Hindu: Scheduled Tribe, Hindu:Senai Thalaivar, Hindu:Senguntha Mudaliyar, Hindu:Sepahia, Hindu:Setti Balija, Hindu:Shah, Hindu:Shimpi, Hindu:Sindhi, Hindu:Sindhi Amil, Hindu:Sindhi Baibhand, Hindu:Sindhi Bhatia, Hindu:Sindhi Larai, Hindu:Sindhi Larkana, Hindu:Sindhi Rohiri, Hindu:Sindhi Sahiti, Hindu:Sindhi Sakkhar, Hindu:Sindhi Shikarpuri, Hindu:SKP, Hindu:Somvanshi, Hindu:Somvanshi Kayastha Prabhu, Hindu:Sonar, Hindu:Soni, Hindu:Sood, Hindu:Sowrashtra, Hindu:Sozhiya Vellalar, Hindu:Srisayani, Hindu:SSK, Hindu:Subarna Banik, Hindu:Sundhi, Hindu:Sutar, Hindu:Swakula sali, Hindu:Swarnakar, Hindu:Tamboli, Hindu:Tantuway, Hindu:Telaga, Hindu:Tamil Yadava, Hindu:Telugu, Hindu:Thakkar, Hindu:Thakur, Hindu:Thevar, Hindu:Thigala, Hindu:Thiyya, Hindu:Tili, Hindu:Togata, Hindu:Tonk Kshatriya, Hindu:Turupu Kapu, Hindu:Udayar, Hindu:Uppara, Hindu:Vaddera, Hindu:Vaidiki Velanadu, Hindu:Vaish, Hindu:Vaishnav, Hindu:Vaishya, Hindu:Vaishnav Bhatia, Hindu:Vaishnav Vania, Hindu:Valluvar, Hindu:Valmiki, Hindu:Vania, Hindu:Vaniya, Hindu:Vanjari, Hindu:Vankar, Hindu:Vannar, Hindu:Varshney, Hindu:Vanniyakullak Shatriya, Hindu:Vanniyar, Hindu:Veerashaiva, Hindu:Velethadathu Nair, Hindu:Vellalar, Hindu:Velan, Hindu:Vettuva Gounder, Hindu:Vishwakarma, Hindu:Viswabrahmin, Hindu:Yadav, Sikh:Arora, Sikh:Clean Shaven, Sikh:Jat, Sikh:Kamboj, Sikh:Khashap Rajpoot, Sikh:Khatri, Sikh:Labana, Sikh:Rajput, Sikh:Saini
Mother Tongue: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Sindhi, Marwari, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Chatlisgarhi, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, Sanskrit
Family values: Traditional, Moderate, Liberal

His Life style

Diet: Eggatarian, Non-veg
Drink: No
Smoke: No

His Location

Preferred country: India, Canada
Preferred state: Bihar, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu
Preferred City:New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Agra, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Daman, Dehradun, Dispur, Gandhinagar, Gangtok, Indore, Itanagar, Jaipur, Jamshedpur, Ludhiana, Mangalore, Mysore, Nagpur, Panaji, Patna, Raipur, Ranchi, Shimla, Silvasa, Surat, Vadodara
Residency status: Citizen, Permanent resident
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