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Lifepr4477455's profile

Personal Details

Age & gender: 34, Male
Marital status: Never married
Children: No
Height: 5ft 6in [167cm]
Complexion: Wheatish medium
Body Type: Average
Manglik: No
Any Disability: None
Religion and Community
Religion: Hindu
Caste: Kshatriya
Community: Hindi

More about Lifepr4477455

Education & Occupation

Education: Bachelors
Education details: Bca
Occupation: Not working at present
Annual Income: Not Working


Current residence: Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, India
Residency status: Permanent resident

Life style

Diet: Veg
Drink: No
Smoke: No

Religious, Social & Astrological information

Religion: Hindu
Caste: Kshatriya
Sub Caste: -
Gothra(m): -
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Family values: Liberal
Sun sign: Cancer
Horoscope: Not present
Nakshatram / Star: -
Rashi / Moon Sign: -

Personality, Long-Term Goals, Partner Expectations, etc

Will let you know later

Family Background

No family background information given

My desired match

Her basic information

Age: 26-40
Marital status: No preference
Children: No
Height: 4ft 10in [147cm]-5ft 6in [167cm]
Complexion: No preference
Body type: Slim, Average, Athletic
Manglik: No

Her Education & Occupation

Education: No preference
Occupation: Administrative & Support Services, Advertising, Aerospace, Agriculture, Air Hostess, Architectural Services, Aviation, Banking & Financial Services, Civil services, Company Secretary, Consulting Services, Customer Service Professional, Defence, Engineering, Entertainment Industry, Executive, Finance - Accounting / Auditing, Govt. Employee, Healthcare & allied services, Home maker, IT - Hardware, IT - Software / Telecommunication, Journalism / Publishing, Legal Professional, Management, Marketing, Medical Professionals - Doctors / Surgeons, Medical Transcription Professional, Non - Profit & Community Services, Pilot / Merchant Navy, Real Estate Services, Research & Development Scholars, Sales, Self Employed / Business, Travel / Hospitality, Teaching Professional, Technicians, Other

Her Religious and Social Background

Religion/Caste: Hindu, Jain, Hindu:6000 Niyogi, Hindu:96K Kokanastha, Hindu:Adi Dravida, Hindu:Ad Dharmi, Hindu:Adi Andhra, Hindu:Adi Karnataka, Hindu:Agamudayar, Hindu:Agarwal, Hindu:Agri, Hindu:Ahir, Hindu:Ahom, Hindu:Ambalavasi, Hindu:Arora, Hindu:Arunthathiyar, Hindu:Arya Vysya, Hindu:Aryasamaj, Hindu:Baghel/ Pal/ Gaderiya, Hindu:Bahi, Hindu:Baidya, Hindu:Baishnab, Hindu:Baishya, Hindu:Balija, Hindu:Balija Naidu, Hindu:Bania, Hindu:Banjara, Hindu:Bari, Hindu:Barujibi, Hindu:Besta, Hindu:Banik, Hindu:Bengali, Hindu:Bhandari, Hindu:Bhatia, Hindu:Bhatraju, Hindu:Bhavsar, Hindu:Bhovi, Hindu:Billava, Hindu:Bishnoi/Vishnoi, Hindu:Boyer, Hindu:Brahmbatt, Hindu:Brahmin, Hindu:Brahmin Anavil, Hindu:Brahmin Andhra, Hindu:Brahmin Bajkhedwal, Hindu:Brahmin Barendra, Hindu:Brahmin Audichya, Hindu:Brahmin Bengali, Hindu:Brahmin Bhumihar, Hindu:Brahmin Bhargava, Hindu:Brahmin Bhatt, Hindu:Brahmin Brahacharanam, Hindu:Brahmin Davadnya, Hindu:Brahmin Deshastha, Hindu:Brahmin Dhiman, Hindu:Brahmin Dravida, Hindu:Brahmin Dunua, Hindu:Brahmin Garhwali, Hindu:Brahmin Goswami, Hindu:Brahmin Gujar Gaur, Hindu:Brahmin Gour, Hindu:Brahmin Gujrati, Hindu:Brahmin Gurukkal, Hindu:Brahmin Halua, Hindu:Brahmin Hoysala, Hindu:Brahmin Gowd Saraswat, Hindu:Brahmin Havyaka, Hindu:Brahmin Iyer, Hindu:Brahmin Iyengar, Hindu:Brahmin Jangid, Hindu:Brahmin Jangra, Hindu:Brahmin Jhadua, Hindu:Brahmin Jhijhotiya, Hindu:Brahmin Jogi, Hindu:Brahmin Kannada, Hindu:Brahmin Kanada Madhva, Hindu:Brahmin Kanyakubja, Hindu:Brahmin Karhade, Hindu:Brahmin Kashmiri Pandit, Hindu:Brahmin Kokanastha, Hindu:Brahmin Kota, Hindu:Brahmin Kulin, Hindu:Brahmin Kumaoni, Hindu:Brahmin Maharashtrian, Hindu:Brahmin Maithil, Hindu:Brahmin Modh, Hindu:Brahmin Mohyal, Hindu:Brahmin Nagar, Hindu:Brahmin Niyogi Nandavariki, Hindu:Brahmin Namboodiri, Hindu:Brahmin Narmadiya, Hindu:Brahmin Panda, Hindu:Brahmin Pandit, Hindu:Brahmin Pareek, Hindu:Brahmin Pushkarna, Hindu:Brahmin Punjabi, Hindu:Brahmin Rajasthani, Hindu:Brahmin Rarhi, Hindu:Brahmin Rigvedi, Hindu:Brahmin Rudraj, Hindu:Brahmin Sakaldwipi, Hindu:Brahmin Sanadya, Hindu:Brahmin Sanketi, Hindu:Brahmin Saraswat, Hindu:Brahmin Saryuparin, Hindu:Brahmin Shivalli, Hindu:Brahmin Shrimali, Hindu:Brahmin Smartha, Hindu:Brahmin Sri Vishnava, Hindu:Brahmin Telugu, Hindu:Brahmin Tyagi, Hindu:Brahmin Utkal, Hindu:Brahmin Vaidiki, Hindu:Brahmin Viswa, Hindu:Brahmin Vyas, Hindu:Brahmin Yajurvedi, Hindu:Brahmo, Hindu:Bunt/Shetty, Hindu:Chamar, Hindu:Chambhar, Hindu:Chandravanshi Kahar, Hindu:Chasa, Hindu:Chattada Sri Vaishnava, Hindu:Chaudary, Hindu:Chaurasia, Hindu:Chettiar, Hindu:Chhetri, Hindu:CKP, Hindu:Coorgi, Hindu:Dawoodi Bhora, Hindu:Deshastha Maratha, Hindu:Devadigas, Hindu:Devang Koshthi, Hindu:Devanga, Hindu:Devendra Kula Vellalar, Hindu:Dhaneshawat Vaish, Hindu:Dhangar, Hindu:Dheevara, Hindu:Dhoba, Hindu:Dhobi, Hindu:Dusadh, Hindu:Digambar, Hindu:Ediga, Hindu:Ezhava, Hindu:Ezhuthachan, Hindu:Gabit, Hindu:Ganiga, Hindu:Garhwali, Hindu:Gavali, Hindu:Gavara, Hindu:Ghumar, Hindu:Goala, Hindu:Goan, Hindu:Gomantak Maratha, Hindu:Gondhali, Hindu:Goud, Hindu:Goswami, Hindu:Gounder, Hindu:Gowda, Hindu:Gramani, Hindu:Gudia, Hindu:Gujjar, Hindu:Gujarati, Hindu:Gupta, Hindu:Gurav, Hindu:Gurjar, Hindu:Hegde, Hindu:Iyengar, Hindu:Iyer, Hindu:Jaiswal, Hindu:Jangam, Hindu:Jat, Hindu:Jatav, Hindu:Kadava patel, Hindu:Kahar, Hindu:Kaibarta, Hindu:Kalal, Hindu:Kalar, Hindu:Kalinga Vysya, Hindu:Kalwar, Hindu:Kamboj, Hindu:Kamma, Hindu:Kansari, Hindu:Kapol, Hindu:Kapu Munnuru, Hindu:Karana, Hindu:Karmakar, Hindu:Kannada Mogaveera, Hindu:Kapu, Hindu:Kapu Naidu, Hindu:Karuneekar, Hindu:Kasar, Hindu:Kashyap, Hindu:Kayastha, Hindu:Khandayat, Hindu:Khandelwal, Hindu:Kharwar, Hindu:Khatik, Hindu:Khatri, Hindu:Kokanastha Maratha, Hindu:Koli, Hindu:Koli Mahadev, Hindu:Kongu Vellala Gounder, Hindu:Konkani, Hindu:Kori, Hindu:Koshti, Hindu:Kshatriya, Hindu:Kshatriya Agnikula, Hindu:Kudumbi, Hindu:Kulalar, Hindu:Kulita, Hindu:Kumawat, Hindu:Kumbhakar, Hindu:Kummari, Hindu:Kumhar/Kumbhar, Hindu:Kunbi, Hindu:Kurmi, Hindu:Kurmi kshatriya, Hindu:Kuruba, Hindu:Kuruhina shetty, Hindu:Kurumbar, Hindu:Kushwaha, Hindu:Kutchi, Hindu:Kutchi Gurjar, Hindu:Lambadi, Hindu:Leva Patidar, Hindu:Leva Patil, Hindu:Lingayat, Hindu:Lodhi Rajput, Hindu:Lohana, Hindu:Lohar, Hindu:Lubana, Hindu:Madiga, Hindu:Mahajan, Hindu:Mahar, Hindu:Malayalee Namboodiri, Hindu:Malayalee Variar, Hindu:Mahisya, Hindu:Majabi/Mazhbi, Hindu:Mala, Hindu:Mali, Hindu:Mallah, Hindu:Maharashtrian, Hindu:Maheshwari, Hindu:Mahindra, Hindu:Manipuri, Hindu:Mapila, Hindu:Maratha, Hindu:Maruthuvar, Hindu:Marvar, Hindu:Marwari, Hindu:Matang, Hindu:Mathur, Hindu:Maurya, Hindu:Meena, Hindu:Meenavar, Hindu:Mehra, Hindu:Menon, Hindu:Meru, Hindu:Meru darji, Hindu:Modak, Hindu:Mogaveera, Hindu:Monchi, Hindu:Motati Reddy, Hindu:Mudaliar, Hindu:Mudaliar Arcot, Hindu:Mudaliar Saiva, Hindu:Mudaliar Senguntha, Hindu:Mudiraj, Hindu:Muthuraja, Hindu:Mukulathur, Hindu:Nadar, Hindu:Naicker, Hindu:Naidu, Hindu:Naik/Nayak/Nayaka, Hindu:Nair, Hindu:Nair Veluthedathu, Hindu:Nair Vilakkithala, Hindu:Namasudra/Namosudra, Hindu:Nair Vaniya, Hindu:Nambiar, Hindu:Namboodiri, Hindu:Napit, Hindu:Nayee (Barber), Hindu:Nepali, Hindu:Nhavi, Hindu:OBC, Hindu:Oswal, Hindu:Padmashali, Hindu:Pal, Hindu:Panchal, Hindu:Panchamsali, Hindu:Pandaram, Hindu:Panicker, Hindu:Parkava Kulam, Hindu:Pasi, Hindu:Patel, Hindu:Patel Desai, Hindu:Patel Dodia, Hindu:Patel Kadva, Hindu:Patel Leva, Hindu:Patil, Hindu:Patnaick, Hindu:Patra, Hindu:Perika, Hindu:Pillai, Hindu:Prajapati, Hindu:Punjabi, Hindu:Raigar, Hindu:Rajaka, Hindu:Rajbhar, Hindu:Rajbonshi, Hindu:Rajput, Hindu:Rajput Garhwali, Hindu:Rajput Kumaoni, Hindu:Rajput Negi, Hindu:Rajput Rohella/Tank, Hindu:Ramdasia, Hindu:Ramgarhia, Hindu:Ravidasia, Hindu:Rawat, Hindu:Sadgope, Hindu:Saha, Hindu:Sahu, Hindu:Saini, Hindu:Saliya, Hindu:Scheduled Caste, Hindu: Scheduled Tribe, Hindu:Senai Thalaivar, Hindu:Senguntha Mudaliyar, Hindu:Sepahia, Hindu:Setti Balija, Hindu:Shah, Hindu:Shimpi, Hindu:Sindhi, Hindu:Sindhi Amil, Hindu:Sindhi Baibhand, Hindu:Sindhi Bhatia, Hindu:Sindhi Larai, Hindu:Sindhi Larkana, Hindu:Sindhi Rohiri, Hindu:Sindhi Sahiti, Hindu:Sindhi Sakkhar, Hindu:Sindhi Shikarpuri, Hindu:SKP, Hindu:Somvanshi, Hindu:Somvanshi Kayastha Prabhu, Hindu:Sonar, Hindu:Soni, Hindu:Sood, Hindu:Sowrashtra, Hindu:Sozhiya Vellalar, Hindu:Srisayani, Hindu:SSK, Hindu:Subarna Banik, Hindu:Sutar, Hindu:Swakula sali, Hindu:Swarnakar, Hindu:Tamboli, Hindu:Tanti, Hindu:Tantuway, Hindu:Telaga, Hindu:Tamil Yadava, Hindu:Teli, Hindu:Telugu, Hindu:Thakkar, Hindu:Thakur, Hindu:Thevar, Hindu:Thigala, Hindu:Thiyya, Hindu:Tili, Hindu:Togata, Hindu:Tonk Kshatriya, Hindu:Tribe, Hindu:Turupu Kapu, Hindu:Udayar, Hindu:Uppara, Hindu:Vaddera, Hindu:Vaidiki Velanadu, Hindu:Vaish, Hindu:Vaishnav, Hindu:Vaishya, Hindu:Vaishnav Bhatia, Hindu:Vaishnav Vania, Hindu:Valluvar, Hindu:Valmiki, Hindu:Vania, Hindu:Vaniya, Hindu:Vanjari, Hindu:Vankar, Hindu:Vannar, Hindu:Vannia Kula Kshatriyar, Hindu:Varshney, Hindu:Vanniyakullak Shatriya, Hindu:Vanniyar, Hindu:Veerashaiva, Hindu:Velethadathu Nair, Hindu:Vellalar, Hindu:Vellama, Hindu:Velan, Hindu:Vettuva Gounder, Hindu:Vishwakarma, Hindu:Viswabrahmin, Hindu:Vokaliga, Hindu:Vysya, Hindu:Yadav
Mother Tongue: No preference
Family values: No preference

Her Life style

Diet: No preference
Drink: No preference
Smoke: No preference

Her Location

Preferred country: No preference
Preferred state: No preference
Residency status: No preference
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